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Electronic Fuel Systems

They allow for even greater precision and control over the fuel injection process.
EUI (Electronic Unit Injection)

What is an EUI (Electronic Unit Injection)

A low pressure fuel delivery pump supplies filtered diesel fuel into the cylinder head fuel ducts, and into each injector fuel port of constant stroke pump plunger injector, which is camshaft operated. The start of an injection is controlled by the solenoid closing point, and the injected fuel quantity is determined by the closing time, which is the length of time the solenoid remains closed. The solenoid operation is fully controlled by the engine ECU.

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The Delphi E3

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) is one of the world as most advanced production diesel unit injectors for high performance heavy duty applications.

The Delphi E3 EUI integrates a high pressure pump and separately controlled nozzle needle into a single fuel injection device. It is driven by the engine's overhead camshaft, with one EUI per cylinder.

The Delphi E3 EUI is designed to help manufacturers meet the world's most stringent emissions regulations. Target emissions: Euro IV, V, and VI.

Performance Advantages

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector provides a major advantage for diesel engine manufacturers in meeting extremely stringent future emissions requirements. And with optimized hydraulic performance and one million miles durability, it represents a significant advancement in heavy duty diesel fuel injection technology.

The Delphi E3 EUI helps achieve extremely low smoke/particulate levels at any engine load and speed and, thus, helps reduce the need for large and costly aftertreatment devices.

Typical Applications

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector is suitable for nine to 16 liter heavy duty diesel engines used for on- and off-highway applications, including trucks, buses, generators, marine, and construction and agricultural equipment.

EUP (Electronic Unit Pump)

The Unit Pump system is a modular high-pressure diesel injection system, which is closely related to the EUI system, and is designed for use in commercial vehicle diesel engines. The system comprises an individual injection pump, driven by an extra camshaft lobe for each engine cylinder, where each pump unit is connected to the injector via a short high-pressure fuel line and features electronically-controlled fuel solenoids for precise timing and the injection of fuel quantity is variably adjusted for each cylinder.
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