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McKenzie Diesel boasts a state of the art facility. It is made up of three fully equipped departments namely; Pump Room, Injector Room and Clean Room.

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Petrol Equipment​

Excalibur GDi Master

Our cutting-edge injector testing services, designed to meet the increasing demands of gasoline injector operating pressures. Our advanced test bench offers a meticulous examination, ensuring accurate diagnosis for both GDI and PFI injectors.

Key Features:

Coil & Piezo Injector Testing Capability:

Our cutting-edge injector testing services, designed to meet the increasing demands of gasoline injector operating pressures. Our advanced test bench offers a meticulous examination, ensuring accurate diagnosis for both GDI and PFI injectors.

Innovative Spray Pattern Evaluation:
We employ advanced techniques to evaluate spray patterns, allowing us to identify any irregularities and ensure optimal injector performance.

OE Level High Pressure and High Flow Rate Test Capability:
With the capability to conduct tests at OE-level high pressures and flow rates, we guarantee a thorough assessment of injector functionality.

Understanding the Importance of Response Time:
An injector comprises intricate internal mechanisms, such as electrical drive, valve, spring, and nozzle. Measuring the response time of these components is crucial to diagnosing injector health. Response time refers to the speed at which these operations are recorded. If any of these processes are compromised, various vehicle symptoms may arise.
Fundamental Testing Approach:
Unlike some competitors who focus solely on electrical drive and valve response, our approach involves fundamental testing. This comprehensive method ensures a holistic assessment of the entire injector, providing technicians with valuable insights into critical components.

Delayed Operations:
Slow response times can lead to issues like lack of power, high emissions, or cylinder imbalance in the vehicle.
Early Injections: Injecting too early may result in knock, excessive heat, piston crown damage, and other complications.

Why Choose Our Injector Testing Services?

Complete Injector Testing:
Our test bench examines all internal mechanisms, offering a full picture of injector health.

Superior Response Time Measurement:
The Sabre CRi Master enables precise measurement of response time as low as 400bar at 5mm/str, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Make the informed choice for injector testing. Trust our advanced test bench to deliver unparalleled accuracy and a complete understanding of injector performance.


Designed to test EUI & HEUI injectors. This computerized test bench allows us to test and control all types of unit pump and unit injectors systems. It also allows us to test dual solenoid injectors such as the Delphi E3 unit injectors and Siemens Piezo actuated unit injectors. A full range of tests are performed and a computer generated, fully comprehensive report is printed for each individual unit. Full testing available on the following fuel systems;

  • Cummins | Celect, Celect Plus, M-11, L10, N14 & ISX
  • Detroit | Series 60, Series 50
  • Caterpillar | New generation (2 solenoid)
  • Caterpillar | C10, C12, C15
  • Bosch | Daf, Renault, Mercedes, Scania, Volvo & VW
  • Delphi | A3, E1 & Lucas
  • Landrover Siemens – Piezo Full testing available on the following fuel systems;
  • Bosch EPS 200

    The Bosch EPS 200 with automatic test sequence is a fully integrated state of the art Common Rail Injector Tester for safe testing the following type of diesel fuel injector components:-

  • Unit injector nozzles via holding adapters
  • 1 Spring/2 spring nozzle holder assembly
  • Nozzle holder with NBF (needle lift sensor)
  • Stepped holder
  • Solenoid valve common rail injectors
  • Solenoid valve common rail injectors (3rd party)
  • The Bosch 815

    Bosch 815 is a powerful yet environmentally friendly pump test bench. This fully automated and computer controlled bench is the only one for testing, calibrating and reporting accurately on the Bosch VP 44 type pumps.

    The Hartridge AVM2-PC

    The Hartridge AVM2-PC is an advanced personal computer based diesel fuel pump stand. It is able to offer the diesel specialist the technology needed with state-of-the-art advanced video metering. With the ability to match unrivalled speeds, the system has the capacity to handle all automotive type in-line, rotary and common rail pumps up to 12 cylinders.

    The AVM2-PC is designed to work on most OEM fuel injection equipment and also the only test bench to be approved by Denso Japan, Delphi UK and Siemens. McKenzie Diesel are the Warranty Repair Agents for Toyota Denso Fuel Systems. McKenzie operate two AVM2-PC Benches.

    The Hartridge CRi-PC Test bench

    The Hartridge CRi-PC Test bench is a complete Common Rail Injector solution. With the ability to test all makes of Common Rail Injectors, the ease of use and 4 line configuration, this test bench saves our clients time and money.

  • Re-coding of Delphi Common Rail Injectors
  • Tests Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens
  • Tests up to 4 injectors at one time
  • Fast diagnosis of faulty injectors.
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